We consider control‐volume mixed finite element methods for the approximation of second‐order elliptic problems on rectangular grids. These methods associate control volumes (covolumes) with the vector variable as well as the scalar, obtaining local algebraic representation of the vector equation (e.g., Darcy’s law) as well as the scalar equation (e.g., conservation of mass). We establish $O(h^2)$ superconvergence for both the scalar variable in a discrete $L^2$‐norm and the vector variable in a discrete $H({\rm div})$‐norm. The analysis exploits a relationship between control‐volume mixed finite element methods and the lowest order Raviart–Thomas mixed finite element methods.

MSC codes

  1. 65N06
  2. 65N12
  3. 65N15
  4. 65N30
  5. 76S05


  1. control volume
  2. mixed finite element
  3. error estimates
  4. superconvergence

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Published In

cover image SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis
SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis
Pages: 223 - 235
ISSN (online): 1095-7170


Submitted: 29 November 2005
Accepted: 4 August 2006
Published online: 22 January 2007

MSC codes

  1. 65N06
  2. 65N12
  3. 65N15
  4. 65N30
  5. 76S05


  1. control volume
  2. mixed finite element
  3. error estimates
  4. superconvergence



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