Transfer Method for Characterizing the Existence of Maximal Elements of Binary Relations on Compact or Noncompact Sets


This paper systematically studies the existence of maximal elements for unordered binary relations on compact or noncompact sets in a general topological space. This is done by developing a method, called transfer method, to derive various necessary and sufficient conditions that characterize the existence of maximal elements for a binary relation in terms of: (1) (generalized) transitivity conditions under certain topological assumptions; (2) topological conditions under certain (generalized) transitivity assumptions; and (3) (generalized) convexity conditions under certain topological assumptions. There are two basic approaches in the literature to prove the existence by providing sufficient conditions. One assumes certain convexity and continuity conditions for a topological vector space and the other assumes certain weakened transitivity and continuity conditions for a general topological space. The results unify those two aproaches and generalize almost all of the existing results in the literature.

MSC codes

  1. 49A27
  2. 90C48
  3. 90C31
  4. 90B50

MSC codes

  1. binary relations
  2. maximal elements
  3. transfer continuities
  4. transfer transitivities
  5. transfer convexities

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Published In

cover image SIAM Journal on Optimization
SIAM Journal on Optimization
Pages: 360 - 375
ISSN (online): 1095-7189


Submitted: 13 August 1990
Accepted: 26 July 1991
Published online: 31 July 2006

MSC codes

  1. 49A27
  2. 90C48
  3. 90C31
  4. 90B50

MSC codes

  1. binary relations
  2. maximal elements
  3. transfer continuities
  4. transfer transitivities
  5. transfer convexities



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