For discrete time nonlinear systems satisfying an exponential or finite time controllability assumption, we present an analytical formula for a suboptimality estimate for model predictive control schemes without stabilizing terminal constraints. Based on our formula, we perform a detailed analysis of the impact of the optimization horizon and the possibly time varying control horizon on stability and performance of the closed loop.

MSC codes

  1. 49N35
  2. 93D15
  3. 93B05


  1. nonlinear model predictive control
  2. suboptimality
  3. stability
  4. controllability
  5. networked control systems

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Published In

cover image SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization
SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization
Pages: 4938 - 4962
ISSN (online): 1095-7138


Submitted: 11 May 2009
Accepted: 15 July 2010
Published online: 7 October 2010

MSC codes

  1. 49N35
  2. 93D15
  3. 93B05


  1. nonlinear model predictive control
  2. suboptimality
  3. stability
  4. controllability
  5. networked control systems



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