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Special Section on the Fifty-Fifth Annual ACM Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS 2014)


This special section comprises ten fully refereed papers whose extended abstracts were presented at the 55th Annual IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS 2014) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 19--21, 2014. The unrefereed conference versions of these papers were published by IEEE in the FOCS 2014 proceedings. The regular conference program consisted of 68 papers chosen from among 273 submissions. These were selected by a program committee consisting of Scott Aaronson, Boaz Barak, Nikhil Bansal, Timothy Chan, Moses Charikar, Shuchi Chawla, Julia Chuzhoy, Andrew Drucker, Valerie King, Robert Kleinberg, Eyal Kushilevitz, James R. Lee, Aleksander Maͅdry, Raghu Meka, Ankur Moitra, Aaron Roth, Alexander Russell, David Steurer, Madhu Sudan, Kunal Talwar, Brent Waters, Ryan Williams, and David Woodruff. The program committee was chaired by Boaz Barak.
The papers invited to this special section were also selected with the input of the program committee. The ten papers in this section span a broad range of topics, including fixed-parameter tractability, online algorithms, combinatorics, coding theory, sublinear algorithms, approximation algorithms, hardness of approximation, dynamic algorithms, algebraic complexity and probability theory. Each paper underwent an extensive refereeing process; we thank both the authors and the anonymous referees for their efforts. In addition, we would like to thank SICOMP Editor-in-Chief Leonard Schulman and SIAM Senior Publications Coordinator Heather Blythe for their help in preparing this special section.

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Published online: 28 February 2017



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