We address the problem of designing data structures that allow efficient search for approximate nearest neighbors. More specifically, given a database consisting of a set of vectors in some high dimensional Euclidean space, we want to construct a space-efficient data structure that would allow us to search, given a query vector, for the closest or nearly closest vector in the database. We also address this problem when distances are measured by the L1 norm and in the Hamming cube. Significantly improving and extending recent results of Kleinberg, we construct data structures whose size is polynomial in the size of the database and search algorithms that run in time nearly linear or nearly quadratic in the dimension. (Depending on the case, the extra factors are polylogarithmic in the size of the database.)

MSC codes

  1. 68Q25


  1. nearest neighbor search
  2. data structures
  3. random projections

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cover image SIAM Journal on Computing
SIAM Journal on Computing
Pages: 457 - 474
ISSN (online): 1095-7111


Published online: 27 July 2006

MSC codes

  1. 68Q25


  1. nearest neighbor search
  2. data structures
  3. random projections



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