SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics (SIDMA) publishes research papers of exceptional quality in pure and applied discrete mathematics, broadly interpreted. The journal's focus is primarily theoretical rather than empirical, but the editors welcome papers that evolve from or have potential application to real-world problems. Submissions must be clearly written and make a significant contribution.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • properties of and extremal problems for discrete structures
  • combinatorial optimization, including approximation algorithms
  • algebraic and enumerative combinatorics
  • coding and information theory
  • additive, analytic combinatorics and number theory
  • combinatorial matrix theory and spectral graph theory
  • design and analysis of algorithms for discrete structures
  • discrete problems in computational complexity
  • discrete and computational geometry
  • discrete methods in computational biology, and bioinformatics
  • probabilistic methods and randomized algorithms

Submission of a manuscript to SIDMA is representation by the author that the manuscript has not been published or submitted simultaneously for publication elsewhere, including conference proceedings, and in case of acceptance to SIDMA, it will not be submitted elsewhere. However, SIDMA welcomes full versions of papers containing results accepted to conference proceedings, but only when the presentation of results has been suitably revised. If the results contained in a SIDMA submission have been previously published in any form, authors must clearly indicate this both in their cover letter and in a footnote on the first page of the manuscript and also provide an overview of the revisions in the cover letter. In addition, authors must upload the previously published work along with their submission to SIDMA.